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Marketing on Amazon [report]

This 67 pages report is based on research carried out by Anders Hjorth and Dan Saunders. It consisted of expert interviews of 7 experts and a deep survey including 64 questions to which over 20 advanced teams involved in Marketing on Amazon responded.


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In 2020, Marketing on Amazon is one of the most explosive areas to do business in. The rapidly changing user behaviour and the wealth of opportunities arising from the constantly changing rules of the game seems to give wings to some and cause terrible despair to others.

We are facing nothing less than a revolution of the customer relationship models enabled by internet technologies and strong innovation from Amazon, who are setting new standards for ecommerce.

Those of us who experienced the rise of Paid Search and the explosion of Google Adwords in the 90’s, will remember how we felt like rebels trying to overthrow the ruling order. In our research for this project, and much to our surprise, we have detected a pattern similar to that of the rise of Paid Search. However, those former rebels are now part of the existing order and the rebels are agile Amazon marketers.

As such, we are in the middle of what we could call the Rise of Amazon Marketing. And the rebels are providing superior metrics, those of directly attributable conversions – as many a Finance Director will have told you: a bird in the hand is worth two on the roof.

Rebel spirits, those who are in the know and wish to stay on top, those who are planning to make a move in Amazon Marketing, this report is for you!

Anders Hjorth

Amazon Marketing Report


I. Welcome to Amazonland – Industry dynamics
Rules of the Amazon game | Industry players and roles | Market size and evolution | Technology dimension | Knowledge acquisition and change

II. Amazon Mechanics – Building bricks
The marketing process on Amazon | How leading teams function | Attribution and metrics | How to rank on Amazon | Campaign management and tools

III. Winning Strategies
The Grind | Full process optimization | Compete and complement | Holistic takeover

Amazon is a search engine too, you know! And it is taking market share from the other search engines – overtaking Bing from an advertising perspective a while back. Are you in the game as you should be? Otherwise maybe this report can help you enter.

Our 2020 report « Marketing on Amazon » investigates a number of dimensions including market dynamics, players and roles in the industry, automation, advertising, audiences, attribution, channels, metrics, technology and tools. The report includes 3 main sections covering industry dynamics, the mechanics of Amazon marketing and winning strategies.

Dynamics of the Amazon Marketing Industry

Industry dynamics account for the various players and roles that are active in the industry as well as the existing power relationships. The main players are composed of Vendors (called “1P” for 1st party), and third-party Sellers (some call them “3P”). But these players often have operators in the form of inhouse teams, digital marketing agencies or a new breed of Amazon-specific agencies.

Amazon Marketing Industry Dynamics

They are additionally supported by technology providers, engaged with the various roles of Amazon itself and sometimes challenged by substituting products or new entrants in the market.

They operate in an ecommerce market where advertising is taking a more and more dominant role. Amazon is the leader in the worldwide ecommerce market and is also becoming a force to count with in digital advertising. Amazon Ads passing Bing advertising revenue in 2018 went largely unnoticed but Amazon is now counted in the Triopoly of dominant worldwide digital advertising players together with Google and Facebook.

In the Amazon marketing ecosystem, competition is cut-throat and the Amazon experts interviewed for this report gave a broad view of who winners in the Amazon marketing game are. It is no longer the stronger brands, nor is it the big ad spenders, rather, it is players who follow troop on optimizing the customer experience path through the entire journey. Other expert views emphasize the growth of Sellers over Vendors, or the strong position of China-direct manufacturers and yet others would insist on the winning position of the end-user and also the dominant and ultimate advantage for Amazon itself.

Components of Amazon Marketing.

The second and largest section of the report describes the components of marketing on Amazon by putting them into a traditional marketing mix model dating from back in the 1960’s, the 4 P’s model of Product, Price, Place and Promotion. Where this model has been guiding marketers historically, it is considered obsolete by many. However, it precisely describes the variables one needs to optimize to succeed with marketing on Amazon. Price and Place have become fluid and variable, Product and Promotion need constant and intense optimization to succeed in the marketplace.

The 4Ps applied to Amazon Marketing

This part of the report also suggests a model for understanding the Amazon algorithm by describing three major categories of influences on the algorithm: Customer experience obsession, Sales maximization and Product attractivity. A number of more precise direct factors play into these three categories, some of the more important ones being Inventory, review ratings, keyword match, price rank and sales velocity. Other factors like advertising, outside referrals and prime eligibility and more are believed to indirectly play into the algorithm.

Winning Strategies on Amazon.

The Basic Amazon Marketing Strategy: The Grind

The final part of the report goes into the details of 4 distinct strategies used by advanced Amazon marketers. Whereas Amazon is clearly a search engine, the big difference from other Search marketing is perhaps that advertising has a very strong impact on organic results. This is something search marketers are not used to and it changes the way strategies play out.

A Full optimization strategy will focus on the market, then the product, the keywords and run through iterations of data acquisition via advertising campaigns. The Holistic takeover strategy is an approach to taking over the domination of a product category by simultaneously addressing all possible sales channels leading into a product and boost its sales velocity to win and maintain the best seller badge and thereby potentially more than double sales.

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Marketing on Amazon Report




Sur Amazon, la pub fait partie intégrante d’un dispositif marketing

Amazon explose, faites vos jeux !

Experts interviewed:


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