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About Innovell

Innovell is a consulting and research firm which builds digital marketing insights into reports, articles and webinars based on collaborations with experts, surveys of award winners and leading agencies in the search marketing, Amazon marketing and social media space.

Innovell is on a mission to improve the quality of digital marketing by disseminating real knowledge more widely and counterbalancing hype, myths and false information whenever possible.

The company

Innovell is remote company registered in Estonia under the e-residency regulation and operates independently of a physical location. Why be in only one place when you can be everywhere remotely?

Innovell Ltd
Sepapaja 6
Tallinn 15551

Company identification

Innovell OÜ

Registration number: 14462129

EU VAT number: EE102061714

Privacy policy

Ownership structure

Innovell is fully owned and managed by Anders Hjorth.

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