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Innovell Privacy policy


Innovell Ltd is a consulting and research firm that publishes reports, articles and webinars.

Innovell builds digital marketing insights into reports, articles and webinars based on collaborations with experts, surveys of award winners and leading agencies in the search marketing, Amazon marketing and social media space.

Innovell’s mission is to improve the quality of Digital Marketing by disseminating knowledge more widely. An increasing part of Digital Marketing is based on data, sometimes personal data, in the form of cookies, profiles and “shadow profiles”. Improving the quality also involves improving practices and as such data protection and in particular personal data is dear to us. Innovell has no interest in personal data and is much more focused on company data. Being a Europe-based company, we hold our standards to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) of the European Union, which we consider the highest existing standard for privacy protection.

We hold users of this website and acquirers of our reports to a set of Terms and Conditions, which can be consulted here. By these conditions, we use data on report buyers, subscribers to the newsletter and website visitors.

Innovell collects data in various ways:

Log files:

  • the web hosting company is registering log files as part of the technical process allowing us to manage the website and find any errors that occurred on the site and correct it. This data contains IP addresses and browser environment variables
  • Log files: controller Innovell, processor: Pair Networks
  • This information is not shared on an ongoing basis. It is only consulted in case of technical errors and is manually deleted after 2 years of storage and has no implications for individual persons.

Cookies: we place cookies on the web browser for the following purposes:

  • Analytics: we place cookies on the web browsers in order to understand primarily how many visitors come to our website, where they come from and what they are interested in. This helps understand our user better and improve our communications
  • These cookies are stored for 23 months
  • Analytics: controller Innovell, processor: Google Analytics
  • This data is consulted by Innovell and occasionally shared with business advisors but never at the level of data on individual persons

Remarketing and profiling

  • We places cookies on our website originating from the various media outlets we use, including Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter and Google
  • These cookies collect information about content consumption and user behaviour and also demographic information, though not from our website
  • This data is collected for the marketing activities of Innovell, essential to running the business.

Subscription forms:

  • We allow visitors to subscribe to our Report Alert in order to receive emails about the reports we publish and also pass discount codes.
  • We ask for explicit acceptance of this privacy policy and provide easy unsubscription in every mail
  • This data is consulted by the management of Innovell only.
  • Contact forms: controller Innovell, processors: Mailchimp

Social Media:

  • The social media platforms we are using collect data on user profiles and content consumption and engagement. We use this data to understand whether our content is useful to our visitors. We also use the data to understand the profiles of users interested in our offering
  • We do not store this data which resides with the Social Media. We do not consult this data at the personal level.
  • Social Media: controller Innovell, processors: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn


  • We use Woocommerce and Paypal as our ecommerce solutions integrated into WordPress.
  • WP and Woocommerce versions implement GDPR features.
  • Innovell stores the client data as long as we believe there is a business opportunity related to the data.
  • The data includes personal data in the form of a contact person with Name and Email for the client
  • Clients are automatically subscribed to the marketing newsletter as indicated in the Terms and Conditions
  • This data is considered as part of the Innovell marketing database which can be used for positive and negative targeting in marketing campaigns as detailed in the Terms and Conditions
  • This information is never sold or shared with any third parties
  • Controller: Innovell, processor Woocommerce plugin on WordPress


  • For Innovell’s primary research activity, surveys are run.
  • The provider of the technical solution is Surveymonkey
  • The majority of the data collected is business information. Some data is personal, namely in relation with contact details for follow-up.
  • The personal data collected is name, email and telephone number.
  • At the data treatment stage, information is passed to an analytics tool (Excel, Tableau, Power BI, or other).
  • The personal information is removed from the survey data at the data treatment stage and only exists in the Surveymonkey instance

We believe protecting data privacy matters and in accordance with GDPR guidelines we have designed our processes to be secure, clear and documented.

If you are a client, prospect, candidate or partner and you believe we hold data on you that you would like to retrieve or delete, you can contact our Data Protection Officer, via email, post or social media. It will be essential to provide your email address, first and last name for us to identify you in our data instances.

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