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Marketing on Amazon

Amazon is a not just an ecommerce mastodont, it is also a rising giant in digital marketing. During research for the Search Trends report in 2018, we identified marketing via Amazon and media spend in Amazon Ads as an important emerging trend. Amazon Ads spend is increasing rapidly. Emarketer projections are constantly updated and comparing media spend on Amazon Ads compared to Google Ads, we are looking at 1:4 or even 1:3 if we take advertising spend intentions in the US market as our compass. With Google Ads stagnating and Amazon Ads booming (interesting read: Amazon Ads + Google Shopping = Boom), we will be moving towards a 1:2 scenario but already now, the importance of this marketing channel can no longer be ignored. We have the feeling however, that Amazon Marketing is not on the radar for a lot of Digital Marketing practitioners in 2019.

Below, we have charted the world of marketing on Amazon in a Mindmap. It is a parallel universe to the more traditional Paid Search, SEO and Social Media Marketing branches with it’s own rules, it’s own abbreviation and concepts.

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A parallel universe

Success in marketing on Amazon is first driven by winning the buy box through strong sales velocity. It is a different algorithm than what we are used to in Search and in Social Media as customer satisfaction on the buying experience is the ultimate success parameters Amazon measure. You can use any means to maximize sales and customer satisfaction: product excellence, great reviews, traffic from other channels, advertising on Amazon – and when you lead on sales, you rank well.

Research in Q4 2019

Co-authors Dan Saunders and Anders Hjorth are carrying out research for a new report:

  • Interviews with Amazon Marketing Experts:
  • An in-depth survey of 20 advanced practitioners of Amazon Marketing
  • Review of online documentation and whitepapers

Stay tuned

As of October 2019, we enter into the analysis phase. We aim to cover the following things in the upcoming report:

I. Industry Dynamics

II. Building bricks for marketing on Amazon

III. Winning Strategies on Amazon for 2020

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