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Amazon Marketing

Amazon is a not just an ecommerce mastodont, it is also a rising giant in digital marketing. Have a look at the growth rates and the drivers for growth in Amazon in this post on the blow: The 4 Growth Riders of Amazon. During the original research for the Search Trends report in 2018, we identified Amazon digital marketing and media spend in Amazon Ads as an important emerging trend. Amazon Ads spend is increasing rapidly. Comparing media spend on Amazon Ads to Google Ads, we are looking at 1:8 and against Facebook close to 1:4. With Google Ads stagnating and Amazon Ads booming (interesting read: Amazon Ads + Google Shopping = Boom), we will be moving towards a scenario in which Amazon becomes an important part of the Triopoly: State of the Triopoly in Digital Advertising.

We have the feeling that Amazon digital marketing is still not really on the radar for a lot of Digital Marketing practitioners in early 2020. There is even a lot of doubt and confusion about naming of the two Amazon Advertising platforms, which we have tried to put some order into here:

A parallel universe

Success in marketing on Amazon is first driven by appearing in search results and winning the buy box through strong sales maximization, product attractivity and an optimal customer experience. It is a different algorithm than what we are used to in Search and in Social Media, as customer satisfaction on the buying experience is the ultimate success parameters that Amazon measures. You can use many means to maximize sales and customer satisfaction: product excellence, great reviews, traffic from other channels, advertising on Amazon – and when you lead on sales, you rank well.

Check out who industry experts think are winning on Amazon at this time: https://searchengineland.com/whos-winning-on-amazon-right-now-328383 and some of the reasons why Search marketers haven’t adopted Amazon Ads.

Also, check out the Amazon Marketing report written by co-authors Dan Saunders and Anders Hjorth over a 6 months period:

  • Interviews with 7 Amazon Marketing Experts
  • An in-depth survey of over 20 advanced practitioners of Amazon Marketing
  • Review of online documentation and whitepapers
  • Analysis of Amazon, Google and Facebook quarterly reports

The report covers the following aspects of marketing on Amazon:

I. Industry Dynamics

II. Amazon Mechanics: the Building bricks for your marketing

III. Winning Strategies on Amazon for 2020

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