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Search Strategies Report

State-of-the art Strategies for Paid search illustrated by award-winning case studies.

Paid Search Strategies 2019


This 50 pages research report is built on the basis of the Search Trends Report with a focus on Paid Search Strategies and the addition of case studies from top teams.

  • Award winning case studies to illustrate the winning strategies from Keyade & Rue du Commerce and Mediacom & Bose, Brainlabs & Wowcher.
  • Interviews of a number of industry experts to shape the research: Daniel Gilbert, Frederick Vallaeys, Purna Virji, Marty Weintraub, …
  • Survey of 100 questions to trace the way the leading paid search teams think, work and evolve across keywords & ads, data, automation, AI, campaign management, audience targeting and cross-channel deployment. Update survey on Amazon Ads in 2019

Introduction (report extract)

Having completed the research and launched the Search Trends report – which in a way is this report’s big sister – it dawned on us that the most outstanding findings we had in our hands were the emerging strategies we had found in the paid-search space.

We decided to extract the essence of these findings and dig deeper with the addition of case studies illustrating the strategic scope within which we are moving. The result is this report – the Search Strategy report – detailing the strategy drivers, the two big families of strategies and the detailed strategies, some of which are illustrated through case studies of award-winning work from leading paid-search teams around the world.

Common denominators for all these findings are that they are differentiation strategies and that they take additional work and investment to implement. The case studies show how the additional risk is paying off for those who take it. It also teaches us something we should all keep in mind moving forward: as the digital marketing space becomes ever more complex, clear strategies become increasingly important.

This report uncovers new breeds of strategies that have arisen in the course of the industry’s renewal – strategies that drive diversification, insert paid search into a broader context and drive significant improvements in ROI and reach for the advertisers who use them.

If you are a Head of Digital, an agency founder or a digital marketing strategist, and if you are looking for inspiration, need to find the path forward and desire a solid foundation for validating your search strategy, then this report is for you.

Anders Hjorth

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