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Anders Hjorth

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Speaker / Writer / Consultant


Digital marketing strategist, writer, entrepreneur, Anders Hjorth is a frequent speaker on search engine marketing and Amazon marketing, as well as a judge on various industry awards in the area of search marketing, social media marketing and content marketing. He is also a mentor and a board director of the Paid Search Association.

Anders is the founder of Innovell. Provider of  Digital Marketing Insights. Innovell has created four research reports that Anders has authored and co-authored:

Anders is also a published author on Bookboon in 2020 with the ebook “Search Engine Advertising”, a 46 pages business book covering all aspects of Search Engine Advertising from its origin, its key players, its economic model, the reasons for its success, its structure, the way to operate PPC and a look into the future.

Anders was the Founder of several Digital Marketing agencies in Paris: Relevant Traffic [Search Marketing], BDBL MEDIA [Biddable Media] and aznos [Content Marketing] acquired by Altima in 2016 and then Accenture in 2017. Anders was also COO at GroupM Search across EMEA. He has worked for over 2 decades across SEO, Paid Search, Affiliate marketing, Social Media, Social Ads, Content Marketing, Display and Programmatic and also web development, hosting & domain names.

Recent articles, podcasts and webinars:

Articles on Innovell:

The Social Commerce Dream, and how Amazon, Facebook, Snapchat and TikTok are pursuing it

Google Ads versus Amazon Ads: Who Eats Who?

Holistic Optimization for Digital Marketing

The Drive-to-Amazon Paid Search Strategy

Data Wars: Battle of the Cookies

Consumer Unpredictability and Marketing in the 20’s

Review of the triopoly of digital advertising when quarterly accounts are published

Paid Search Strategies 2021

Essential things to know about Amazon Advertising

Top 10 Amazon markets

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PPC Hero:

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Surfing the Waves of Creative Destruction

The Blueprint: (full list of 100+ articles written in 2020-2021 here)

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How to Start an Ecommerce Business in 2020

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Searchengineland: Who is winning on Amazon right now?

Marketingland: Google is focused on Ozone and Ether

Growcode: Search & Shopping Strategy

Search Engine Land: The time has come to optimize for IRLs…

Acquisio blog: Data Skeptics for Better Data-Driven Marketing

Webinar: Lessons from Award-Winning Paid Search Campaigns

PPC Town Hall: Digital Marketing in Uncertain Times

Podcast: Suds & Search with Mark Bealin

Podcast: Search & Shopping discussion with Jason Barnard

Podcast: Interview with Kubix Digital about the Major Trends in Paid Report



2004 Ads clinic
2005 Multi-lingual Search (cas Isodis Natura) – FR/UK
2005 Améliorer ses campagnes de Liens sponsorisés (cas Manpower)
2006 Creating compelling Ads
2006 Landing page optimisation
2006 Balancing Paid and Organic search (EN + FR)
2007 SEO Workshop (avec Sébastien Billard et JB Garnier)
2008 Search Marketing for Electronic retailers
2008 Inspirational ad copy
2009 Search Synergies and beyond (paid search, SEO and more)
2008 Search in Europe
2009 Search around the World (country prioritiser)
2009 SEM + Ad exchange performance (Oreca case study)
2009 Digital Lotus: content>distribution>amplification>relation
2010 Propulsion: leveraging the Value of Paid Media
2010 Assessing Social Media’s value for Search
2010 Réseaux sociaux, recherche et gestion de la réputation
2010 Yahoo-Microsoft Search Powerhouse
2011 How to expand Search marketing operations internationally
2011 Major Trends in the Search Space. SEO: industrialised, integrated & global
2012 Les bons outils PPC (SMX Paris)
2013 “Excuse my French” – survival guide to doing business in France
2013 From Search marketing over Remarketing to Acquisition Display
2013 Spy vs Spy: competitive intelligence on Digital marketing
2014 “Content is King”
2014 Content Marketing 2015 and beyond
2015 Marketing de Contenu – Inception
2015 Facebook Ads in the Digital Media Mix
2016 La marque Culturelle (avec Daniel Ferradas)
2016 The Secret Weapon for Content Marketing
2016 Custom audience chez Facebook, Twitter & Google (avec Solène Logiou)
2017 Digital Landscape 2017
2017 Audiences are the new keywords
2017 Mutation des formats publicitaires
2018 Automation in Digital Marketing
2018 Major Trends in Paid Search
2018 Millenial Transformation (in progress)
2018 What are the best digital marketers doing that maybe you are not?
2019 Winning Paid Search Strategies in 2019
2020 Amazon Marketing in 2020

Speaker history

2004 Search Engine Strategies, San Stockholm SE
2005 SES Paris FR
2005 Search Engine Strategies, San Stockholm SE
2006 SES Paris FR
2006 Update Search SE
2006 SES London UK
2006 EBG – Electronic Business Group FR
2007 Search Engine Strategies London UK
2008 SMX London UK
2008 Electronic Retailing meetup Monte Carlo
2008 Search Marketing World, Dublin IR
2008 Search Engine Strategies Hamburg DE
2008 Search Marketing Expo, Madrid ES
2008 Search Engine Strategies, San José US
2009 International Search Summit UK
2009 SEMkonferansen.no NO
2009 Search Marketing Expo Stockholm SE
2009 SES London UK
2009 Salon Ecommerce Paris FR
2010 SMX Advanced, London UK
2010 Search Marketing Conference Copenhagen DK
2010 SEM Standard Poland PL
2010 Gulltaggen.no NO
2010 SMX Paris FR
2011 International Search Summit UK
2011 Search Marketing Academy TK
2012 SMX Paris FR
2012 Salon Ecommerce Paris FR
2013 Salon Emarketing Paris FR
2013 Search Marketing Day PL
2013 SES London UK
2013 SMX London UK
2013 SMX Stockholm (Chair) SE
2014 SMX Paris FR
2014 Paris Visibility FR
2015 SMX London UK
2015 SMX Paris FR
2016 Ministère de la Culture FR
2016 OM Cap Berlin DE
2016 SMX Paris FR
2017 Acquisio Digital Marketing predictions webinars CA
2017 InOrbit SL
2017 RIMC IS
2017 SMX Paris UK
2017 SMX Paris FR
2018 RIMC IS
2018 EU Search Conference Liverpool UK
2018 SMX London UK
2018 DigitalZone Istanbul TK
2018 Heroconf London UK
2018 SMXL Milano IT
2018 ISS Barcelona ES
2019 Search Y FR
2019 SEODAY.dk DK
2019 InOrbit SI
2019 SMX London UK
2019 Forretning Online DK
2019 Heroconf London UK
2020 Search Y Paris
2020 Digital Marketing Europe LI
2020 SMX London
2020 SEOCampus Paris
2020 Paid Search Association virtual conference

Training courses built

SEO workshop                                               0,5 days        Relevant Traffic
International Paid Search                            2 days           Yandex/Webcertain
Community management                            3 days           BDBL Media
Search for Sales (supervision)                    1,5 days        GroupM
Search for Operations (supervision)          1,5 days       GroupM
StartUp Fail workshop                                 0,5 days       Anonymous
Digital Analytics                                            1,0 day         Anonymous
Using Amazon as a Digital Platform         1,5 hours      Emeritus

Conferences and Jurys

Conference Chair: SMX Stockholm 2014
Moderator: SMX London 2010-2019
Moderator: SMX Advanced Berlin, 2019
European Search Awards jury member 2013-2019
UK Search Awards jury member 2015-2019
US Search Awards jury member 2016-2019
UK Social Media Communications Award 2018
SEMY Awards Paris Jury member 2018
SMX Paris Advisory board 2014-2018
Grand Prix du Search jury member 2018

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