The Missing Link in Digital Marketing is still Missing in 2019

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Oh no, help, I am going to fall – there is missing link!!

Isn’t discovery a wonderful thing? Discovering insights, discovering new truths and hey… discovering old truths. I just ran into an article I wrote in 2015 about the Missing Link in Digital Marketing. The missing link is the discontinuation of meaning from one area of marketing excellence called Brand Advertising into another area of marketing excellence called Performance Marketing. Sounds familiar? It seems like this is the Holy Grail in digital marketing – connecting the dots between Awareness and Conversion. Oh, that is another recent article – “What happened to the Consideration stage?”

There are a couple of nice statements in that article, including this one:

“In a long term view you can see the relation between Branding and Performance but in the short run and at the campaign level, there is a missing link.

The article was written almost 5 years ago. Digital Marketing has evolved immensely. But we are still struggling. Back then we were talking about DMPs – the solution to all our problems? The Data Management Platform? Well, it wasn’t, was it?

We do have some partial solutions. They are often about data and audiences. In a few weeks, in Paris, we will be adressing this topic with SNCF and solution provider IgnitionOne. If you are based in Paris and free for breakfast on 20 June 2019, then please join.

Discovery in the age of Data (geek alert!)

And how did I discover this, you wonder? Well, marginally geeky as I am (I try not to show), I checked my Google Search Console and noticed an incoming link from a nice domain. Microsoft.com – wait, is Microsoft linking to my site? Nice, nice, anybody in SEO will understand the value of this. With a well configured query in Google, I managed to identify the actual article on the Bing blog – I had totally forgotten about it. It was linking to a (deleted) page on this site so I wrote this blog entry on the old URL. So the balance of the Force is now restored.

Here are the links (original article worth a read):

Missing Link in Digital – article on LinkedIn Pulse (2015)

Synergizing Content Marketing and Search Marketing – article by Ping Jen on the Bing Ads blog  (2015)

Marketing to the Consideration stage – recent article on this blog

Audience & personnalisation – breakfast seminar in Paris (in French)

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