It is just “Amazon Advertising”, but what is AMG, AAP and AMS?

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What on earth is AMG, AAP and AMS?

While doing our research for the Amazon marketing report, we ran into a lot of confusion about names and terminology for Amazon ad solutions in the market. Some of this confusion is due to the existence of 2 separate advertising solutions under Amazon Advertising, and then some is due to the changes Amazon brought to the naming in 2018 and 2019 abandoning names that have some tendency to stick.

Clearly, there is no AMG, AAP or AMS any longer. The Amazon Media Group (AMG) was renamed Amazon Advertising and it covers the two underlying branches, Amazon Sponsored Ads (formerly known as Amazon Marketing Services – AMS) and Amazon DSP (formerly Amazon Advertising Platform – AAP).

Within Amazon Sponsored Ads, the individual branches were also somewhat renamed as we can see in the illustration, Headline Search Ads are now Sponsored brands and Product Display Ads are Sponsored display. The favourite product Sponsored Product Ads didn’t undergo a major name change and is just Sponsored products now.


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