Lovely French Words for the International Search Summit

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I will be speaking on the International Search Summit in London tomorrow on the subject of Search Marketing in France. I have done quite some research both through searches for content, image searches and interviews with Industry Experts who have experience with the French market.

I found the “Lovely French words” on a “Franchophile” blog named My Melange. The author suggested some of them and the community added the rest. My contribution was to sort them, give them weight and then throw them into Wordle.net. This is not scientific research but it does give us a nice cloud.

For those attending you will also see input from interviews I did with a handful of Search Marketing Industry Experts. Big thanks for their contributions to:

  • Alan Boughen (Havas)
  • David Towers (MEC)
  • Marc Poirier (Acquisio)
  • David Szetela (Vizion)
  • Shahid Awan (Cheapflights)
  • David Henry (Monster)
  • David Carralon (British Council)

For those not attending ISS tomorrow, I hope to be able to provide the research in one form or the other at a later stage. I will make sure to announce that via twitter @soanders.

For those attending, you will get a chance to hear my own opinions as well – see you tomorrow 🙂