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“When I think of Paris, I always think of Dan Brown’s intergalactic comedy science fiction Davinci picture. I think of Jean Reno’s delivery of “The scar on the face of Paris” line in reference to Louvre Pyramid. And now, I think of mountains of ridiculous electric scooters piled up everywhere. If the Pyramid is the scar, the scooter menace is full bloom acne.”

Kevin Ryan

I felt very honoured to be interviewed by a man I respect a bunch, Kevin Ryan. We met many years ago in relation with the Search Engine Strategies conferences. Kevin was the Chief of Editorial and I was pitching to speak.

In his podcast on TMI, we came back to that question of “pitching” quite a few time. It seems like we are not just living in the post-truth era and are part of a real-time attention economy, but we are also in the midst of the Pitching Age, an age where pitching is more important than anything. Maybe it is the business reflection of what is happening on social media for people.

Both Kevin and I of course agree that that is utter BS but it led into a great discussion about Innovation about agencies and M&A dynamics. About the dilemma of Earn-outs  versus Integration, of knowledge acquisition and knowledge sharing, of company cultures and people management. And much more 🙂

Listen to the podcast here: http://www.tmikmr.com/2019/08/13/innovation-awards-and-search-in-paris/

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