European Search Awards 2018 – enter before 16/02

The European Search Awards celebrate the best of the Search Marketing industry. I have had the priviledge to be one of the judges for a number of years and the quality of the entries seems to increase for each year. It is a great pleasure to be part of the 2018 Judging team also and we are looking forward to your entry!

There are 29 different categories and I am convinced that most agencies, in-house teams and software editors will have at least 1 outstanding client story to submit.

Building and submitting a case study in itself can be an enriching experience and it also allows you to benchmark your organisation against the market. Will you make the shortlist? Could you win one of the trophees?

Shortlists are due to be published on the 23rd or March. And all the excitement will culminate in an amazing Event ceremony which will be held in Prague on 16 May.

You can submit your entry here: European Search Awards

Speaking on SMX Paris 2015


smxpar15_125_spkrTime flies, SMX Paris is already next week (8-9 June 2015). I will be speaking together with François Houste on the subject of Content Marketing. We will be talking about the importance of Ideas, the mechanics of Distribution, the many ways in which you can Amplify your message through Paid Media.

Ideation, Viralisation, Brand Content, Native Advertising. I think it will be a lot of fun.

Hope to see you there!






So Anders will be speaking on RIMC 2014


The Reykjavik Internet Marketing Conference takes place on 28 March and has a great line-up of speakers from Big brands like Heineken, Geox, Nokia, Dell, Lenovo and more. I have been invited to the Wrap-up session at 16.00 about Big Brands online from the marketers perspective.

HearMeSpeak RIMC14Details here: Reykjavik Internet Marketing Conference 2014

This will be my first time to Iceland and I am really looking forward to this. I will combine a great looking RIMC conference with the European Search Awards and additionally I will take an extra day to discover this amazing country I have been wanting to visit for many years.

Iceland, here we come!

SMX Stockholm 2013 will have a “Nordics” track

I will be the chair of SMX Stockholm 2013 on 14-15 October together with Jens Hård, the CEO of Outrider Sweden. With a Danish-Swedish tandem in charge of the program it is obvious that we will aim to further broaden the scope and we are setting up an Advisory board including representatives from all the markets.

We are launching something new called the Nordics track. This track which is on the second day of the conference will focus on the Swedish, Danish, Norwegian, Finnish and Icelandic markets seen as a whole and from the outside.

There will be a focus on Ranking factors specific for the Nordics. What? Different ranking factors in different countries? Well as keyword morphology and backlink profiles are very different from one market to the next, ranking factors differ. Marcus Tober founder of SearchMetrics is aiming to do dedicated research on this for the conference.

In paid search, there are obvious differences also and I have convinced Sean Malseed from SEMrush to also do some dedicated research for this conference. He will be looking more specifically on the ecommerce sector and compare across the Nordic markets.

We are also planning to address the topic of “the Nordics as ONE market”. Adding the 5 populations together you reach some 25 million inhabitants. From a global marketers perspective that may not seem much but the market has some fascinating characteristics in terms of buying power, internet penetration, standard of living. Remains therefore the challenge of managing Search campaigns across 4-5 languages of which at least 3 are very close but not the same.

There will be plenty of reasons for coming to SMX Stockholm this year and catching the early bird AND an early flight booking can even make it quite affordable. Oh, and we will be aiming to do some SMX After Dark as well…

I will do some more updates on this event as we progress towards the final program and speaker line-up!

Search Marketing Day in Poznan


I am announced to speak on the Search Marketing Day in Poznan 27-28 June 2013

SEO Hero» RTB: From Search Marketing over Display Remarketing into Display Acquisition

This will be the second time I speak in Poland but my first time in Poznan. The presentation will go into depth on the mechanics of Display RTB & Remarketing for a Performance-driven client of BDBL MEDIA.  

Lovely French Words for the International Search Summit

I will be speaking on the International Search Summit in London tomorrow on the subject of Search Marketing in France. I have done quite some research both through searches for content, image searches and interviews with Industry Experts who have experience with the French market.

I found the “Lovely French words” on a “Franchophile” blog named My Melange. The author suggested some of them and the community added the rest. My contribution was to sort them, give them weight and then throw them into This is not scientific research but it does give us a nice cloud.

For those attending you will also see input from interviews I did with a handful of Search Marketing Industry Experts. Big thanks for their contributions to:

  • Alan Boughen (Havas)
  • David Towers (MEC)
  • Marc Poirier (Acquisio)
  • David Szetela (Vizion)
  • Shahid Awan (Cheapflights)
  • David Henry (Monster)
  • David Carralon (British Council)

For those not attending ISS tomorrow, I hope to be able to provide the research in one form or the other at a later stage. I will make sure to announce that via twitter @soanders.

For those attending, you will get a chance to hear my own opinions as well – see you tomorrow 🙂




SMX London 2013


15-16 May 2013 – Search Marketing Expo London

I will be presenting a case study from BDBL MEDIA and also moderate several sessions:
» Ready, Aim, Fire… Then Retarget!

SES London 2013


21 February 2013 – Search Engine Strategies London

Speaking on Competitive Analysis:

» Spy vs. Spy: Unlocking Your Competitors’ Digital Strategies


eMarketing Paris


e-marketing paris 201330 January 2013, Salon eMarketing Paris, France

Speaking on Content Marketing (in French):

» Aznos, les Contenus au service de la Performance